Up above, on the menu bar underneath the picture, you will see I have added a new menu that you can click on.  It is called, “From My Kitchen.”

I have been cooking and baking for quite a number of years.  About 8 months ago, I became a vegetarian.  I also became much more and intensely interested in a healthier diet and becoming more self-reliant on the foods I grow, buy and prepare.  So after many years of preparing meals and baking desserts, I feel now like a brand new cook.

I am shopping at farmers markets, organic and natural markets and when in typical supermarkets try to only shop the outer perimeter of the store except for staple items such as sugar, salt, flour, etc.  I now prepare in bulk.  I make my own mixes like pancakes, cake mixes, biscuits, corn muffin/ cornbread, scones, etc., so that all the dry is already prepared.  Then when I would like to make pancakes for instance,  I just have to scoop out the pre-mixed pancake mix that I prepared and add the wet ingredients.  I find this easier than taking out baking soda, salt, powder and flour each and every time.   I know what is in my own prepared mixes and can make them the way I like them.

I am relatively new to many grains like amaranth, millet, bulgur, teff, quinoa, farro, etc.  I am new to wheat bran, amaranth flour, brown rice flour, oat flour, masa harina, buckwheat flour, just to name a few.  I’ve been cooking and experimenting with these lately and using lots of lentils.  I am going through cans of beans like never before too, which is a good thing.  I am cooking dried beans much more recently too.  The idea is to eat more whole foods.

I buy organic for most and try to buy seasonally.  I have never made and consumed so many avocados, kale, dandelion greens, collard greens, cauliflower, beets and ginger to name a few.

I love making flavored oils, confits and pomodoro sauce in jars all ready to go.  I have bought cases upon cases of Ball jars and am currently revamping my pantry.  I am completely in love with Ball jars.  They are great for so many things.  Oh, I could go on and on!  I fell in love with the Lock and Lock storage containers which are air tight recently too.

I’m cooking with coconut oil in some recipes and using soba noodles much more too.

Tomorrow we must start to prepare our garden.  We are planning to add a new area so that we can grow a larger amount of fresh organic produce.  My husband and I have recently talked about our lawn care.  We opted to tell our caretaker of the property not to use any chemicals.  We have chosen to thatch soon and not apply anything.  We don’t know how the lawn will look, but that’s alright. To grow organic from the soil I think no chemicals could have been applied for three to five years.  Since we have raised beds, we just bring in organic compost and fill in the beds.

I’ve been bugging my husband for the past few years to get some chickens.  I would only like a few so that we could get our own fresh eggs.  I have started looking at which birds I would like to order, but have controlled myself not to go ahead until he is on the same page with me.  I have a strange fear of birds.   So although I want to have some, I have told my husband I cannot touch them!  At least I don’t think so, maybe I could change.  That is why I have to wait for him to want them too.  After all, we did grow up in the city and are not familiar with having our own farm animals.  Sure I would love a rooster and a goat too, but no way will he go along with this idea. Would you believe that yesterday there was a special report on chickens in the home backyard.  I recorded it so that I could show him how popular it is becoming all across the nation.  The report is on the backyard chicken boom.   If you would like to see the video, click here:

I am trying to use sustainable foods, choosing my fork over knife meals, being plant-based and in general trying to leave a softer footprint.  As I pursue new ingredients and recipes, I would like, from time to time, to share what is going on in my kitchen with you.

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I had to come back from Paris early and never made it to Italy this year for our annual drive and visit.  Oh dear, but, I was so glad we got back just in time for the   Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” the AMC popular series.

I just am crazy about this series.  Perhaps it’s because I actually used to work in that atmosphere in New York City and typed on an IBM Selectric typewriter.  You may remember the one with the round steel ball that you could change fonts.  I remember using carbon paper and white out too!  Okay, I’ll even tell you that I learned to type in school on a manual typewriter, how’s that for a memory.  I sound ancient, but it really wasn’t that long ago.  Think about the technology and what we have incorporated into our lives in just the past ten years alone.  Simply amazing isn’t it.

I worked on Fifth Avenue for a book publisher and I worked for the government, which I am not at liberty to say which branch.  But, I do remember placing the custom fitted dust cover on my brand new state of the art IBM Selectric typewriter when I was leaving the office in the evenings. I remember it well.  The three-hour lunches, or perhaps not returning to the office at all.  Not me, of course, I am referring to the gentlemen in the office, just clearing my throat here a little.  The smoking, the ashtrays, the liquor in the desk drawers, the fooling around,  and oh dear the parties.  The parties were out of control.  I don’t know how some employees could ever return to work again.

Getting back to Mad Men, I enjoyed the two-hour premiere so much.  Just one little thing is really bothering me.  I can’t get the “Zou Bisou Bisou,” tune out of my head.  Jessica Paré did the most amazing job with the song and the choreography.  She was so cute doing that number.  That song was famous in 1960 and was in the British comedy  “The Millionairess.”  The song was sung in the English version by Sophia Loren.  Zou Bisou Bisou was originally recorded by Gillian Hills and was a French pop song.  I adore it, it’s reminiscent to me of the 60’s.

I bought the song on iTunes and I have been loving it all day.  I am teaching myself the French version and I just love it.  I’m singing in French and dancing around a bit as I clean out a few of the kitchen cabinets and run everything through the dishwasher, a required spring cleaning task made into a little fun!

If you would like to see the video of Jessica Paré performing Zou Bisou Bizou, just do a search on the internet and enjoy.

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I took this top picture back on February 2nd, when the weather in Paris was cold.

I had compiled an assortment of pictures of the various cafés, bistros and brasseries in Paris and would like to share some here.

This particular bistro offered cozy camel colored lap blankets.  How nice is that!  You will note the heat lamps shown here just

tucked under the red awning, which are common almost everywhere promising to keep the patrons warm and toasty as they sit outside.  The blankets were certainly a nice touch.  I’ve never seen that before.

In the third picture on the left here the little tables are numbered in black and white.

Shown next is a typical sunny afternoon at Les Duex Magots located at Place Saint-

Germain des Prés.  It is a famous café which was once known as a favorite meeting place for young artists and writers including Ernest Hemingway and is still very popular today.

The French  love to sit outdoors and treat the local cafés as if they are an extension of their living room as do other Europeans.  It is just wonderful to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and enjoy a dessert outside where

you can people watch.  You can enjoy a glass of wine, talk with a patron at the next table or just read and relax and its great to have your lunch or dinner outside as well.

One day when we were near Notre Dame Cathedral we strolled a few different streets we had never visited before.  We came upon this little restaurant painted in red with the topiary planted in the tall pot along with other plants.








This is a close up of the sign.  I can’t even imagine  how beautiful this must look when the green ivy blooms and hangs in the front.  Judging by the size of the vines here, it must be very, very old.    This is a little inn and restaurant and has been since 1594.  Imagine 1594, how amazing is that!  This is the type of little place I just long to paint.  It is  very charmingly French and I just love all the plants lined up in front near the blackboard.

Here is another charming little restaurant tucked away on one of the tiny passages.  It looks to be a quiet little place away from the scooters and cars.

I love the beautiful green color this restaurant is painted in the photo above.  Isn’t the writing beautiful.

I miss things already and am only home just a week.  What is it about Paris?  To me, the urban life, the walking, the food, the language, the charm of an old city perhaps, the cafés,  and an endless list of things.   I’ll close here by saying J’Adore Paris, I love Paris.

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In Paris at 3:00 AM we woke up to the very disturbing alarm.  We had to get ready to leave the apartment by 4:30 AM.  So we began by making a pot of coffee, talking a little about how we wished we could have stayed longer and wishing we were on our way to Rome instead of Germany.  I couldn’t believe I was standing in the shower at 3:25 AM.  Before too long we started gathering all the garbage, lining up the suitcases and packing up all computers.  We had one last look out the window and said goodbye to the Eiffel Tower.

The car was waiting and we were now on our way to the airport in the dark.  We looked out the windows at the quiet cafés, brasseries and bistros.  The streets were deserted except for a few cars.  This is so unlike Paris with the usual buzzing of fast-moving motorcycles, scooters, cars, buses and pedestrians.   Everyone was tucked in and still obviously enjoying a sound sleep.

We arrived at the airport in about half the time it usually takes.  We checked in, went through security and headed for the lounge at Lufthansa.  On the way to the lounge we stopped and bought coffees and our last pain aux chocolats.  We were greeted by a very friendly woman in the lounge who told us to help ourselves to their little buffet.  They had coffee, tea, croissants and miniature pain aux chocolats.  My husband ate the one we had bought outside the lounge and I put mine in the outside, zippered compartment of my carry on luggage.  I just wanted to have a mini one and I wanted to save the large one for later.

The time passed quickly and before we knew it, the time had come to board and say goodbye to Paris.  After about and hour and a half we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany.  We were amazed at the size of this airport, it was tremendous.  It was so big that people actually ride bikes inside the terminal.  They use the collapsible ones and must have been pre-warned or knew from experience about the amount of walking required.

We had to find the “Z” gate having just landed in “A!”  I can’t make this stuff up folks.  We had a hike and a half but did have a little time to shop inside the airport for a few things.

When we were walking to the gate we had to go through German security.  The gentleman said, “You have been living in France.”  He turned the pages of my passport and was checking the dates which showed long-term stays over the past few years.  I said that I had been on vacation.  He repeated, “You have been living in France!”  He said it four times.  Eventually I caved in and said, “Yes, I have been living in France.”  It was then that he stamped my passport and let me go through.  How scary was this, it was very scary.

We found our way to the proper terminal at 10:15 AM.  The flight was to leave at 11:05 AM.  They were boarding already, we couldn’t believe it.  That was because we had to go down two flights of stairs and exit the terminal.  After a short walk, we had to climb the staircase up to the plan on the tarmac.  This plane was truly the largest we had ever seen.  It was a 777-200, felt like a transport plane and must have carried over 400 people.

Almost nine hours later, we arrived safely in New York.  We went through security without any problem and quite quickly.  Then when we were waiting for our last piece of luggage to come off the carousel, I saw the dogs.  It was at that moment I remembered I had the large pain aux chocolat in my suitcase!  The dog came right over to me and the suitcase, sniffed it and moved on.  I guess he had a certain something he was looking for and not a forgotten pastry.  It did make me nervous in any case.

Our car was waiting and drove us straight home.  I have been busy unpacking, doing laundry, food shopping and whatever anyone would need to do after arriving home after being away for some time.

It has been absolutely beautiful here in New York with the weather unlike any March that I have known.  The temperatures have been in the seventies.

I must apologize it has taken me so long to write, but I think I have felt a little short-changed by arriving home about 5 weeks sooner than we planned.  I guess I would like to be writing about our escapades and adventures in the City of Light still on a daily basis.  It has taken me a few days to come around and now we are happy to be back home in New York.  We had a really wonderful and memorable time.

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It was so exciting that a friend was able to get us a reservation at the Alcazar Restaurant.   This restaurant will be the temporary restaurant of Top Chef, for three months, from February to the end of April 2012.  This restaurant in Paris would open and share the restaurant for this limited engagement to continue the excitement from the television show.

Our reservations are for 8:00 PM and we are looking forward to it.  It is a big deal here and is advertised.

We arrived at the beautiful Alcazar restaurant located in San Germain des Prés.  We were greeted with a friendly bonsoir, had our reservation checked and then checked our coats at the vestiaire. We were then taken to and seated at our table.

We were offered the menu for both, the Alcazar and the Top Chef. We could pick either menu. It would have been rude to snap away with the flash on my camera, so I only have a few pictures.

Last Saturday night my son went to the Top Chef here with a large group of friends.  Because it was a Saturday evening there was a show for everyone to enjoy during dinner. When he told me of the topless talented trapeze artist who was accompanied by a parrot. He told me about the parrot moving up and down the artist’s body during the performance and said it was amazing to watch.  There was a second artist who performed also.  It was a gentleman in glitter, partially clad, who performed on ropes.  After hearing all about this, I couldn’t wait to see it and enjoy it too.  You can see the ceiling here.

The meal was wonderful and it was amazing to have each course prepared just for you.  I was disappointed about the show, there was none.  Too bad really, I guess it was only on the weekend.

I love frothed milk.  I even bought a special new machine around Christmas.  I ordered a cappuccino as

and as you can see here, it was just to die for.  Look at the height of this!

When we left the restaurant, it was raining. We started to walk to the corner and I took this picture.  There is something about Paris in the rain.

On to another subject now.


Our plans were to fly to Rom tomorrow for an annual road trip.  We love this trip as we drive through the countryside of Italy.

We usually stay in Roma for several nights and then drive through Umbria, Tuscany and other points along with friends.  This year, we were going to maybe drive south of Rome. If the weather was good, and even try to make it further north, perhaps even the Dolomites.

Sometimes plans just don’t work out for one reason or another.  We had to change our plans, which took over 5 hours today.  We are not going to our beloved Roma or our beloved Italy.  It is not like we have never been there, we have many times.

We spent the entire day packing and to be honest I am still far from being ready to leave Paris at 4:30 AM.  We have to fly to Frankfurt, Germany on the first leg of the journey home before connecting to a flight direct to New York.  I will post an update about the things we did during the last week in Paris as soon as I can.

I wish us a Bon Voyage and to Paris I say,

Au revoir

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Sunday morning we were on our way to Notre Dame.   We were surprised when a bus pulled up and we couldn’t get on because it was so crowded.  It would be a 20 minute wait for the next one.  In the meantime, I noticed this sign alerting passengers that there would be limited service due to the Semi Marathon de Paris today.  It further went on to say the bus would not be going as far as we needed.  Armed with this information we knew we would have to walk a little more after the last stop.

The bus announcement was made that we must get off  at the Pont Des Arts.  This is a bridge that spans the Seine not far from Notre Dame.  It connects the Île de la Cité to the left bank.

This is the Pont Des Arts Bridge.  If you enlarge the picture you can see shiny brass locks.  Lovers come armed with every size lock and key.  They have engraved the locks with their names and sometimes dates.  After attaching the lock and sealing it with a kiss, they throw the key into the Seine.  It is used as a symbolic gesture, as if to lock up their love forever, and leaving a sign of their love in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

This started a little over two years ago.   Although we have been here the past three winters, we never walked across this bridge.  I started hearing about this just recently.

It is amazing to see the number, colors and sizes of these locks.

We felt badly we did not have one so that we could add our own to the bridge.  But, we are planning on getting one soon and doing just that!

This little boy in his adorable beret, is doing his own inspection.

The next photo is of the beginning of the Île de la Cité, the island where Notre Dame is located.

We took the staircase on the other side of the bridge which led us down to the houseboat area.  There are many houseboats along the Seine.

We spotted a gnome on the front of this boat.  We read about the prank that goes on with gnomes.  They are stolen from gardens, taken on a trip, photographed in a famous well-known place and the photographs are sent back to the owner. We couldn’t help but wonder if this gnome had been to many far away places.  I just can’t help but laugh out loud.

At the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris you can climb all the way up into the cathedral towers and then further upwards you can see the l largest bell named Emmanuel.

In 2002 we came to Paris and climbed about 380 steps all the way up.  It offered an amazing view of Paris and we got to see the many gargoyles right next to us.  We did at that time continue all the way up to the last flight. We did see the bell of Emmanuel.  It was hard not to picture Quasimodo, the fictional character of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo when we went all the way up.

This picture shows that the line for the steps up to the Cathedral Towers was wrapped around the block.

After a long day we had a wonderful dinner on rue Saint Doninique at La Fontaine du Mars restaurant.  It is very traditional French and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow we are going on a trip early in the morning and will be gone all day.

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My son told me a funny story that I would like to share about going out to a bar here in Paris.

In the heart of Saint Germain des Prés on the left bank and close to the Latin Quarter, he met with friends to go a bar.  The area there is called I believe Christine.  They had planned to visit one bar in particular.  Upon entering they were told that each drink had an icon of Disney characters.

To order, you must draw on an etch-a-sketch one of the characters.  If it is approved by the order taker, you would be served your drink.  He was then told that each drink was served in a baby bottle!

He then looked at the bar menu and make his selection.  Then he proceeded to draw his character.  The waiter came over and approved his drawing.  Within minutes he returned with his drink in a baby bottle.

My son said it was so funny to look around the bar to see everyone sucking on baby bottles.  He loved this place and had a great time.  By the way, the bars stay open until 6:00 AM.

In the early hours of the morning, he took a Vélib’ rental bike home. These bikes are for rent and the racks are placed about three blocks apart, for which there is a small fee.  The first half hour is always free.  You just take a bike and return it where you like.  There are about 20,000 bikes available for rent.  It is a great way to see the attractions of Paris and get in some exercise.

I took this photo from the base of La Tour Eiffel.  The second is of the horse and buggy ride you can get near the ticket booth for the Eiffel Tower.



I’m sitting here sipping an espresso and having half of an eclair au chocolat.  As you can see in the photo I have not cut it in half as of yet.  Honestly, this is truly my husband’s favorite and we agreed to share, that is if he comes out with his coffee soon.

I’m sitting here relaxing a little.  I just completed a shopping list of must have beauty products made in France.  I am now ready to hit the beauty aisles in several stores.  You probably won’t recognize me after six weeks, I’m hoping to be gorgeous and looking twenty years younger!

We went to lunch a little late today.  I don’t know if you realize that most of the places close around 3:00 PM and reopen for dinner.  In actuality, they really would rather not seat anyone after 2:30 or so.

In the photo to the left you can see the blackboard for today at a busy, little place not far from us.  The board reads, Today’s Special of which there are two.  The first is roasted leg of lamb with pan juices and roasted potatoes.  The second is a sea bass with spinach in a cream sauce.  The Bon Appetit, I think you already know.  There was an extensive menu as well, but I just wanted to tell you about the specials.  My reason for this is because I fell off the wagon you could say.  After having had abstained from meat for over five months, yes you guessed it, I ordered the lamb.  I couldn’t help myself, I love lamb.  I’m Irish, I just love lamb, almost as much as I love salmon.  To avoid the cream sauce which is not on the side, I actually ordered the lamb.  I guess I am now the world’s worst vegetarian .  I thought to myself, I really would like to try the French lamb, so I did.  I have to tell you it was the best decision, as it was totally delicious.  We had a little wine, a little water and some sliced baguette with it.

My husband has been dying to see Les Territoire des Loups, which just opened yesterday here in Paris.  In English, it is “The Grey.”

We had to go out as the maid was coming to clean the apartment.  It looked like it was going to rain this morning so I looked it up online and it was going to be playing at the Gaumont Champs Elysées Cinéma right on the avenue des Champs Elysées.  It was playing about every two hours beginning at 11:00 AM.  So we jumped in a taxi, as we wouldn’t  have enough time to make the show if we walked there.

I couldn’t believe the size of the theatre, as I haven’t been in one that large since living around the corner from the Ziegfeld Theatre on West 55th Street in NYC.  It was (I could say huge, but I will refrain) enormous.  My husband jumped up to snap this picture of me.  Yes, I am wearing my fantastic pair of Patagonia sneakers.  I knew we would be walking back in the rain and you could walk forever in them especially with my secret insoles under foot!

Before I get emails correcting me on my usage of the word theatre, let me say that theatre is really used to describe a performance with live actors, etc.  I grew up using this term instead of saying movies.

Anyway, the movie Le Territoire des Loups was very good.  This cinéma had the most awesome sound system ever.  It was as intense as the movie.  Gosh, we really enjoyed it.

The area with refreshments was incredible.  They sold the usual bottled waters, sodas and juices.  They had an amazing coffee machine.  We have noticed their large size in drinks in our medium., so no super sized here.  They sold candy loosely that were in compartments.  You could scoop out as much as you would like and put it in a bag.  But, the amazing thing to me was they sold large bags of potato chips.  Can you imagine the noise of someone eating potato chips next to you in the theatre (there I go again!).

Afterward we walked a little on the Champs Elysées and found a little pub to have lunch.  It was so crowded outside and in, that we were ushered to la cave (basement or downstairs) and although crowded there too, there was a table for us.  I ordered the croque monsieur, (open faced gruyére grilled cheese) sandwich.  No meat for me!

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We went to the Musée d”Orsay on Friday.  We actually walked there which was a  (a favorite New York word) undertaking.  It was, however, really nice to walk along the Seine all the way.

The museum was originally a train station, named the Gare d’Orsay and was built in the late 1800’s.  In 1986 it was turned into a museum.  It is known for the 19th century art collections featuring Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Manet, Cézanne, and Gauguin.  It is said to have one of the best collections of impressionist paintings.

There is a new policy that no photos are allowed. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to take lots of photos on previous visits.

It is a beautiful museum and a must see main attraction when in Paris.  One of our favorite things to do here is have lunch in the restaurant.  It is just beautiful flanked by gorgeous chandeliers, lovely sculptures and an incredible ceiling.  The large room is so bright and sunny.  I ordered the plat du jour which was the most wonderful whipped potatoes with fish.  It came with toasted walnuts and a little cream sauce.  It was delicious, and we were happy once again there.  I had read once before that the waiters  can be very rude, perhaps even hold the record for rudest.  We have never, never had a problem.  Last year, the waiter wrote down some names of places we should even give a try for evening entertainment.  This year we had a woman who offered with a nice smile, ice and lemon, when I gave in and ordered a diet coke!  I think this is a very old rumor.

I had previously downloaded a podcast with the audio guide and listened to it as I walked around. This made the visit organized and helpful as I entered different rooms and walked on the different levels.

The one thing I was disappointed about was last winter I looked for Whistler’s Mother by James McNeill Whistler painted in 1871.  It was on loan to another museum then.  So I looked this time to see it as it is one of the most popular works done by an American outside the U. S.  No luck finding it.  So I asked one of the guards and I was told it was on loan and was in Vienna!  I couldn’t believe it, I missed it again.

It reminded me of a visit I made to Madam Tussauds in London one time.  I wanted to see the wax figure of Frank Sinatra and I could not find it.  I asked a guard there and was told he was in Las Vegas!

Last night we saw Hugo, the movie made by Martin Scorsese. I think we appreciated seeing it on different levels while still here in Paris, though it would be great seeing it anywhere.  The very large clock at the Musée d’Orsay was used as the model for the one in the movie, as well as the train station here at Gare Montparnasse and other stations here in Paris.  I plan on buying the DVD to see it at home in 3D, that would really be enjoyable.

It was so nice going to the Musée d’Orsay and we enjoyed it all over again.

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We had a fantastic day on Sunday.  We took the RER C to Versailles which was about a 20 minute ride once you are on the train.  The train is different from the metro inside of Paris.  It is a two level train which goes outside the city into the suburbs.   We bought the tickets and set out for a new adventure.  On all previous visits to Versailles, we had taken a car which is great because you will be driven right up to the entrance, this would be a lot more walking.

Versailles is about 12 miles out of Paris.

I am going to post more than the usual amount of pictures with this post since it is such an amazing place.

Once inside the golden gate, we paused to take this picture.  The highest building is the Chapel.

This picture was taken upon entering.  It really is hard to imagine the scale.

Inside the Chapel shows the two-story chapel which is beautiful.

Versailles was used as a royal residence and center of political power from 1682 through 1782, when the family of royals were forced to flee after the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.

One of my absolute favorite books was Marie Antoinette:  The Journey by Antonia Frazer.  I love anything about Marie Antoinette.

Below left:

Appartement du roi,  The King’s Private Apartment.

The King’s Bed.

This is the Hall of Mirrors, it is magnificent.  This is where the throne would have been located way up at the front.

This is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 which ended World War 1.

Inside the Appartement de la Reine, inside the Queen’s Personal Apartment.

This is the bed of Marie Antoinette.  Her bedroom is simply amazing.  There is the secret door through which she escaped. The Royal Jewelry chest which stored her jewelry here as well.

Below on the mantel over the fireplace sits the bust of Marie Antoinette.  If you look at the picture please note in the reflection the adornments on the ceiling.

Just imagine standing in the bedroom of Marie Antoinette.  The girl who at 14 was taken from her home in Austria as the arrangement for marriage was made.  She would leave for France to someday become the Queen of France.  A fascinating story it is truly.

There are over 1200 rooms they say at Versailles.  We will now go outside to see the gardens.  This is French garden design.

The beautifully manicured gardens, the sculptures, and over 2400 waterworks make up the Gardens at Versailles.

There are numerous other buildings such as the Grand Trianon, Petite Trianon, Carriage Houses, etc.  On previous visits we have visited these as well as the Hamlet made for Marie Antoinette by her husband the King.

In the photo below left you will notice the fountain has turtles, fish, figures and frogs.

I can only try to give you an idea of what a visit to the Château of Versailles.  This is really something to see for in person,  if you have not already.  If you plan a trip to Paris, plan a full day to see this definitely.

It was only a 7 minute walk from the train stop.  If you prefer a car, I have always used the same driver and can provide the information to you if you are interested. Just drop me a line.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your day at the Palace.  The last photo is of myself jumping off the train back in Paris.

We had an absolutely fantastic day and the weather was great too.

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