I had to come back from Paris early and never made it to Italy this year for our annual drive and visit.  Oh dear, but, I was so glad we got back just in time for the   Season 5 premiere of “Mad Men,” the AMC popular series.

I just am crazy about this series.  Perhaps it’s because I actually used to work in that atmosphere in New York City and typed on an IBM Selectric typewriter.  You may remember the one with the round steel ball that you could change fonts.  I remember using carbon paper and white out too!  Okay, I’ll even tell you that I learned to type in school on a manual typewriter, how’s that for a memory.  I sound ancient, but it really wasn’t that long ago.  Think about the technology and what we have incorporated into our lives in just the past ten years alone.  Simply amazing isn’t it.

I worked on Fifth Avenue for a book publisher and I worked for the government, which I am not at liberty to say which branch.  But, I do remember placing the custom fitted dust cover on my brand new state of the art IBM Selectric typewriter when I was leaving the office in the evenings. I remember it well.  The three-hour lunches, or perhaps not returning to the office at all.  Not me, of course, I am referring to the gentlemen in the office, just clearing my throat here a little.  The smoking, the ashtrays, the liquor in the desk drawers, the fooling around,  and oh dear the parties.  The parties were out of control.  I don’t know how some employees could ever return to work again.

Getting back to Mad Men, I enjoyed the two-hour premiere so much.  Just one little thing is really bothering me.  I can’t get the “Zou Bisou Bisou,” tune out of my head.  Jessica Paré did the most amazing job with the song and the choreography.  She was so cute doing that number.  That song was famous in 1960 and was in the British comedy  “The Millionairess.”  The song was sung in the English version by Sophia Loren.  Zou Bisou Bisou was originally recorded by Gillian Hills and was a French pop song.  I adore it, it’s reminiscent to me of the 60’s.

I bought the song on iTunes and I have been loving it all day.  I am teaching myself the French version and I just love it.  I’m singing in French and dancing around a bit as I clean out a few of the kitchen cabinets and run everything through the dishwasher, a required spring cleaning task made into a little fun!

If you would like to see the video of Jessica Paré performing Zou Bisou Bizou, just do a search on the internet and enjoy.

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