On Saturday, we had a special relative arrive from the states.  We took it easy that day to allow him some time to adjust and not push too hard after flying over.  We know all too well how the day of arrival feels.  After having breakfast and enjoying some good conversation, we took a walk around the neighborhood to show him the local stores.  We did go out to dinner later on that evening.

As you probably know, I love to go to Mass at Notre Dame in Paris.  We attended the 11:30 AM Mass which was the International Mass, so the gospel was in English.  I can follow along in French now, and know the songs to sing along. I love that it is becoming familiar to me.  The choir dressed in royal blue long robes are always amazing to hear.  The vestments worn by the priests were green for Ordinary Time which means nature and new growth.

I had to take a picture of the beautiful kebobs served in the restaurants.

We walked over to the Latin Quartier where we ended up voting on whether we should have Moroccan for lunch.  We all agreed and went into The Nouveau Village, located at 9, rue Xavier Pravas.  The business card says they offer Specialites Marocaines,  offering  Couscous, Mechoui, Pastilla, Tagines, and Grillades.

The menu was great and offered so many different options.  We ordered the Couscous Village.  In the meantime, we were given a small glass of wine and we ordered some mint tea.  In a Moroccan restaurant the mint tea is so delicious.  We were not let down.  Our order arrived with a platter of perfectly of hot couscous, a platter of assorted grilled meats of chicken, curry chicken, beef and sausage.  It was served with large tureen of potatoes, carrots, zucchini, etc., that was served in a hot delicious gravy.  We placed the couscous in the bowl, laddled some gravy with vegetables and then add some meat. As you can see here the ceiling was covered with plants hanging in pots.

As you can see here, the ceiling was covered with hanging plants which were in pots.  It was certainly different and although very small, it was cozy.  The waiter was fantastic.  He was incredibly funny and so friendly.

We ordered the Moroccan mint tea which I think was the most amazing tea I’ve every had.  It was so good, we ordered it twice.  The waiter would pour the steaming hot tea into small glass cups from about two feet high in the air over the cups and never splash a drop, it was fun to see.

Friday nights and on Sunday afternoons skaters take to the streets of Paris.  We happened to be crossing at Esplanade des Invalides where we caught a skate.  There were hundreds of skaters who were zipping by us who were enjoying the sunny afternoon.

We walked home through St. Germain which was about 2 miles and stopped at a corner café to have coffee and rest a bit.

It was a great Sunday in Paris.

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2 Responses to SUNDAYS IN PARIS

  1. kaiamorrigan says:

    Love every photo!! Each truly represents a relaxed, Sunday kind of mood….especially the great photo of Mike & John. Have a dry cap w/ an extra shot (of espresso) for me ( a macaroon optional…lol)!

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