I’m sitting here sipping an espresso and having half of an eclair au chocolat.  As you can see in the photo I have not cut it in half as of yet.  Honestly, this is truly my husband’s favorite and we agreed to share, that is if he comes out with his coffee soon.

I’m sitting here relaxing a little.  I just completed a shopping list of must have beauty products made in France.  I am now ready to hit the beauty aisles in several stores.  You probably won’t recognize me after six weeks, I’m hoping to be gorgeous and looking twenty years younger!

We went to lunch a little late today.  I don’t know if you realize that most of the places close around 3:00 PM and reopen for dinner.  In actuality, they really would rather not seat anyone after 2:30 or so.

In the photo to the left you can see the blackboard for today at a busy, little place not far from us.  The board reads, Today’s Special of which there are two.  The first is roasted leg of lamb with pan juices and roasted potatoes.  The second is a sea bass with spinach in a cream sauce.  The Bon Appetit, I think you already know.  There was an extensive menu as well, but I just wanted to tell you about the specials.  My reason for this is because I fell off the wagon you could say.  After having had abstained from meat for over five months, yes you guessed it, I ordered the lamb.  I couldn’t help myself, I love lamb.  I’m Irish, I just love lamb, almost as much as I love salmon.  To avoid the cream sauce which is not on the side, I actually ordered the lamb.  I guess I am now the world’s worst vegetarian .  I thought to myself, I really would like to try the French lamb, so I did.  I have to tell you it was the best decision, as it was totally delicious.  We had a little wine, a little water and some sliced baguette with it.

My husband has been dying to see Les Territoire des Loups, which just opened yesterday here in Paris.  In English, it is “The Grey.”

We had to go out as the maid was coming to clean the apartment.  It looked like it was going to rain this morning so I looked it up online and it was going to be playing at the Gaumont Champs Elysées Cinéma right on the avenue des Champs Elysées.  It was playing about every two hours beginning at 11:00 AM.  So we jumped in a taxi, as we wouldn’t  have enough time to make the show if we walked there.

I couldn’t believe the size of the theatre, as I haven’t been in one that large since living around the corner from the Ziegfeld Theatre on West 55th Street in NYC.  It was (I could say huge, but I will refrain) enormous.  My husband jumped up to snap this picture of me.  Yes, I am wearing my fantastic pair of Patagonia sneakers.  I knew we would be walking back in the rain and you could walk forever in them especially with my secret insoles under foot!

Before I get emails correcting me on my usage of the word theatre, let me say that theatre is really used to describe a performance with live actors, etc.  I grew up using this term instead of saying movies.

Anyway, the movie Le Territoire des Loups was very good.  This cinéma had the most awesome sound system ever.  It was as intense as the movie.  Gosh, we really enjoyed it.

The area with refreshments was incredible.  They sold the usual bottled waters, sodas and juices.  They had an amazing coffee machine.  We have noticed their large size in drinks in our medium., so no super sized here.  They sold candy loosely that were in compartments.  You could scoop out as much as you would like and put it in a bag.  But, the amazing thing to me was they sold large bags of potato chips.  Can you imagine the noise of someone eating potato chips next to you in the theatre (there I go again!).

Afterward we walked a little on the Champs Elysées and found a little pub to have lunch.  It was so crowded outside and in, that we were ushered to la cave (basement or downstairs) and although crowded there too, there was a table for us.  I ordered the croque monsieur, (open faced gruyére grilled cheese) sandwich.  No meat for me!

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  1. kaiamorrigan says:

    Soudns like a fabulous day! First of all, the eclair??? Oh, yum… a fave of mine & , in spite of it’s “foodie” status, stil hard to find a great one here. That & what I wouldn’t give for a cannoli! Anyway..daring cousin, while I am a cosmetic aisle addict, we are genetically blesed ands I say this with gratitude not ego. Should you look 20 yrs younger upon your return, you’ll return looking like a 20-something younger woman that Michael (the cad!) dumped you! We have great hair & we age beautifully & I am huge proponent of the best skin care affordable to maintain that, so go crazy in those aisles, continuing to wow the crowds!
    As to theatres,I use that word as well to describe movie houses, so everyone can get over it…we do know the difference and that’s what counts.The theatre looks so great & the way of serving treats sounds perfect. I also love your sharing of the tradition of afternoon closures and down time. It is donein many countries but our & I think we need it. Not only do we overwork and not play enough, but you also pointed out the reasonable portions with which food & beverages are served…another lesson we could take.
    Finally, I hope your Croque Monsieur was delicious…one of my favorite sandwiches & I’m not a sandwich person. Great blog of what was clearly another wonderful day in Paris.

    • You are always so gracious, which is most appreciated. Yes, I plan on returning looking I had something done, but what is it! Seriously, they take great care of their face and have the most luscious creams with infusions of something of the tiger, planktin, algae, and so on. How could I resist something that promises everything! Thank you for your continued following and always interesting response to what I have shared.

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