I couldn’t watch the Oscars last night as it would not air here until 2:00 AM.  Darn, I hate time differences.   I just looked at the list of the winners and heard some of the major category winners on the news this morning.  I am sure that most of you enjoyed watching the show and cheered for your own favorites.

We went to Galerie Lafayette (a beautiful mall in Paris) to do some shopping on Saturday.  I don’t know how we walked all the way home, but we did.  We stopped along the way into a few shops and then we came upon something that looked familiar.

In the opening scene of The Tourist, the movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, she is seated at a table sitting in Place Colette.  We walked over and I snapped this picture here of Saturday shoppers time out.  There was an orchestra playing and it was just totally awesome.  I thought this is probably the closest I’ll get to Angelina Jolie!  When I turned around, there it was, the beautiful entrance to the metro station for the stop Palais Royal.  The seat was empty and voilá!

I found some two pictures on my iPod and would like to post them here before they get lost.  This one is of my husband and myself on our Harley.  The bottom one is my homemade bread.  I miss baking here because I bake almost everyday at home.

I brought the iPod to listen to some French music while I walk around.  I made a playlist of French pop and some old classics.  It includes Yves Montand, I love his song C’est Si Bon.  I have Charles Trénet’s, La Mer.  Oh, and then two more favorites are Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose and Sous le ciel de Paris.  Today I was walking on the Champs Élysée and it was so warm and sunny.  It felt like it was in the mid sixties,

and I was listening as I walked along.  It was quite wonderful really.  I have started giving directions in Paris, I can’t believe it but true.  I can’t do it all the time, but we certainly have learned our way around.

Have I told you one of the things I love to do here is when ever I see someone left out of their own pictures, I always offer to take the photo.  Of course, they look at me right away to check me out that I’m not going to run off with their camera!  No seriously, I just love to offer to take the picture, why go home and someone is left out all the time.

By the way, we rented the movie, The Way again.  Our guest has not seen it yet, we wanted to share it and because we could not watch the Oscars like the rest of the world!  I have to say it was just as good the second time around.  I just love that story.  I now officially have to add doing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage to my bucket list.  I would seriously love to do that.

I am experimenting with backgrounds for the blog.  I am considering this photo taken on a beautiful Parisian street.  I don’t know but I think I might keep changing them to see what goes best.  This one might be too busy and too me!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what we did on Sunday, but for now they are waiting for me.

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2 Responses to A SATURDAY IN PARIS

  1. Marianne2427@aol.com says:

    Hi Elaine! You are so funny…and just like me in many ways…we like experiencing the same things. I too have the same songs on my IPod…isn’t it wonderful, french music? There is something that just transcends you into another world…or should I say, Paris! I remember my first trip to Paris, we were on the plane going back home and they had french music playing (before the IPod) on their playlist. I just loved it! I bought some french CD’s and they have all the famous singers and songs. But, I just wanted to say that I can actually feel you walking on the Champs…with your IPod, listening to Edith Piaf and La Vie En Rose….ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Jack Nicholson’s version too!!

    • We really do have the same likes don’t we? The music can make or break an experience. French music is just great when we are here and fantastic when we are home, as it can refresh memories we made. I am so glad you are enjoying reading and remembering. Thanks so much. Elaine

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