We had a fantastic day on Sunday.  We took the RER C to Versailles which was about a 20 minute ride once you are on the train.  The train is different from the metro inside of Paris.  It is a two level train which goes outside the city into the suburbs.   We bought the tickets and set out for a new adventure.  On all previous visits to Versailles, we had taken a car which is great because you will be driven right up to the entrance, this would be a lot more walking.

Versailles is about 12 miles out of Paris.

I am going to post more than the usual amount of pictures with this post since it is such an amazing place.

Once inside the golden gate, we paused to take this picture.  The highest building is the Chapel.

This picture was taken upon entering.  It really is hard to imagine the scale.

Inside the Chapel shows the two-story chapel which is beautiful.

Versailles was used as a royal residence and center of political power from 1682 through 1782, when the family of royals were forced to flee after the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.

One of my absolute favorite books was Marie Antoinette:  The Journey by Antonia Frazer.  I love anything about Marie Antoinette.

Below left:

Appartement du roi,  The King’s Private Apartment.

The King’s Bed.

This is the Hall of Mirrors, it is magnificent.  This is where the throne would have been located way up at the front.

This is where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 which ended World War 1.

Inside the Appartement de la Reine, inside the Queen’s Personal Apartment.

This is the bed of Marie Antoinette.  Her bedroom is simply amazing.  There is the secret door through which she escaped. The Royal Jewelry chest which stored her jewelry here as well.

Below on the mantel over the fireplace sits the bust of Marie Antoinette.  If you look at the picture please note in the reflection the adornments on the ceiling.

Just imagine standing in the bedroom of Marie Antoinette.  The girl who at 14 was taken from her home in Austria as the arrangement for marriage was made.  She would leave for France to someday become the Queen of France.  A fascinating story it is truly.

There are over 1200 rooms they say at Versailles.  We will now go outside to see the gardens.  This is French garden design.

The beautifully manicured gardens, the sculptures, and over 2400 waterworks make up the Gardens at Versailles.

There are numerous other buildings such as the Grand Trianon, Petite Trianon, Carriage Houses, etc.  On previous visits we have visited these as well as the Hamlet made for Marie Antoinette by her husband the King.

In the photo below left you will notice the fountain has turtles, fish, figures and frogs.

I can only try to give you an idea of what a visit to the Château of Versailles.  This is really something to see for in person,  if you have not already.  If you plan a trip to Paris, plan a full day to see this definitely.

It was only a 7 minute walk from the train stop.  If you prefer a car, I have always used the same driver and can provide the information to you if you are interested. Just drop me a line.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your day at the Palace.  The last photo is of myself jumping off the train back in Paris.

We had an absolutely fantastic day and the weather was great too.

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  2. kaiamorrigan says:

    Ah, dear Elaine…you never disappoint! I was waiting for the annual Versailles spectacular. Of course, we share a love of Marie Antoinette but I’m sure that yours goes somewhat deeper and I delight that you get to see all that of which you dreamed. I am certain that one could spend a lifetime & never take in all that is Versailles. I’ve no doubt that you absorb as much as possible each time. You’ve also consistently managed to take new and interesting images on your visits. I for one appreciate the generosity of your sharing.
    On another note, I wrote a litttle piece for a Fibro org today….not especially jovial reading though I try to balance the awakening of recognizing & caring for one’s weaknesses and difficulties and the unexpected gifts that come along when most needed as well as the change of perspective it can bring. I will message it to you privately. Please read it at your leisure and know that it isn’t always pretty but it also carries a message. As always, the least pleasant things can have a reward if one endures.
    Love & blessings,

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