It was so exciting that a friend was able to get us a reservation at the Alcazar Restaurant.   This restaurant will be the temporary restaurant of Top Chef, for three months, from February to the end of April 2012.  This restaurant in Paris would open and share the restaurant for this limited engagement to continue the excitement from the television show.

Our reservations are for 8:00 PM and we are looking forward to it.  It is a big deal here and is advertised.

We arrived at the beautiful Alcazar restaurant located in San Germain des Prés.  We were greeted with a friendly bonsoir, had our reservation checked and then checked our coats at the vestiaire. We were then taken to and seated at our table.

We were offered the menu for both, the Alcazar and the Top Chef. We could pick either menu. It would have been rude to snap away with the flash on my camera, so I only have a few pictures.

Last Saturday night my son went to the Top Chef here with a large group of friends.  Because it was a Saturday evening there was a show for everyone to enjoy during dinner. When he told me of the topless talented trapeze artist who was accompanied by a parrot. He told me about the parrot moving up and down the artist’s body during the performance and said it was amazing to watch.  There was a second artist who performed also.  It was a gentleman in glitter, partially clad, who performed on ropes.  After hearing all about this, I couldn’t wait to see it and enjoy it too.  You can see the ceiling here.

The meal was wonderful and it was amazing to have each course prepared just for you.  I was disappointed about the show, there was none.  Too bad really, I guess it was only on the weekend.

I love frothed milk.  I even bought a special new machine around Christmas.  I ordered a cappuccino as

and as you can see here, it was just to die for.  Look at the height of this!

When we left the restaurant, it was raining. We started to walk to the corner and I took this picture.  There is something about Paris in the rain.

On to another subject now.


Our plans were to fly to Rom tomorrow for an annual road trip.  We love this trip as we drive through the countryside of Italy.

We usually stay in Roma for several nights and then drive through Umbria, Tuscany and other points along with friends.  This year, we were going to maybe drive south of Rome. If the weather was good, and even try to make it further north, perhaps even the Dolomites.

Sometimes plans just don’t work out for one reason or another.  We had to change our plans, which took over 5 hours today.  We are not going to our beloved Roma or our beloved Italy.  It is not like we have never been there, we have many times.

We spent the entire day packing and to be honest I am still far from being ready to leave Paris at 4:30 AM.  We have to fly to Frankfurt, Germany on the first leg of the journey home before connecting to a flight direct to New York.  I will post an update about the things we did during the last week in Paris as soon as I can.

I wish us a Bon Voyage and to Paris I say,

Au revoir

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