Yesterday we wanted to go to the Hard Rock Paris.  I usually buy a baseball cap from every city we visit and wear it when I play golf.

After several weeks of international food, we were longing for a burger, fries, good old Heinz ketchup and, of course, American cheese. The first two pictures are of the Hard Rock Paris.

Okay, so every one gets lost once in a while. It was our turn yesterday.  We decided to take the #42 bus, so we walked to the bus stop and I guess we were busy talking.  The bus was making a wide turn, which blocked our view of the map on the side and once we saw it was the #42, we got on.  We forgot just one little thing, to check which direction would be heading.  Naturally, it was heading in the wrong direction.

Thank goodness after only a few stops we realized what was happening and got off the bus.  Do you think that the bus going in the opposite direction would be across the street?  Forget it, it wasn’t.  We ended up walking about a mile to a metro and took the good old underground, which we are quite familiar with, but only after making sure we checked the direction.

We really did enjoy the Hard Rock Paris visit from the first moment we walked inside.  Blasting American rock and roll, a lot of Americans, friendly service and good food.  The burger was so big, I struggled to eat half, and couldn’t do that.  Everything was good and I got to buy my hat.

We went to the Galerie Lafayette after our lunch.  Eventually we walked to the metro station at the Op⁄era Garnier.

I took this photo to the left while sitting on the #8 train just before we got off.  Hey, see that poster, we saw that exhibit the other day!  Honestly, its hard to miss noticing how clean everything is. See that seat just inside the door with the light blue band on the bottom, well that pulls down so you can be seated.

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