We just had to go. Our friends wanted to go too. We arranged for a car to take us to the casino last night. It was just a 30 minute drive out of Paris, however, there was so much traffic that it took an extra 15 minutes to get there.

It was wonderful and very exciting to try to play in French. We did well and had the most wonderful evening. We had to dress as I was told we could be turned away and not admitted.

The strangest thing was it was so very quiet. All of the noise making, bell ringing, jackpot singing of the machines was turned off. If someone won a jackpot at a particular bank of slot machines, you would only hear a gong. Just one gong and that was it, that was all you would hear. Everyone was so nice.

They had a beautiful theatre, spa, hotel, restaurants, lounges, etc. It was on the Seine and it so beautiful to walk outside on the water. Okay, so I did, I felt like one of those people in a James Bond Movie at the casino tables. It was great and I loved it. It was a great experience and we were all so glad we went.

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