When we left Rome we drove to the small town of Todi which we visited last March.  This time we looked at an apartment there.

It had these four beautiful arched windows in a lovely courtyard with palm trees and lots of greenery.

In the next photo you can see the real estate agent showing us the apartment which was once a monastery.

The apartment was located near the center of the town but not on the main street.  It was lovely with four large bedrooms, open floor plan and the most gorgeous beamed ceiling.

I have included a photo below although it is not great it shows the shape of the windows.

There was an iron spiral staircase to a lower bedroom which was quite unique.

From here in Todi, we have an appointment with another agent who will be giving us a private tour of the city of Spoleto including the fortress, town, shopping, church etc.  The house is on the crest of a hill very high above the town with four bedrooms and about 10 acres of olive trees and grapevines with its own pergola and separate house.

I will include below some photos of the house we looked at also.

The town of Spoleto was beautiful and we loved walking around the town. We drove to Cascia on our way to Perugia to visit the cathedral of St. Rita.

Sainta Rita de Cascia is the patron saint of impossible things and lost causes.  Her personal story is an interesting one.  We were stunned when we walked into the cathedral to see her lying on an altar enclosed in glass.

This was the entrance (hallway) when first entering the apartment complete with a baby grand piano and a brick walkway. The flooring was the original terracotta.

The photo is of the agent who also does the tours below.  She was such a lovely woman and her driving skills was nothing short of a race car driver while speaking Italian so fast.

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  1. Alex says:

    Just gorgeous!! Thinking of a try in Italy for awhile? I can’t imagine you leaving your beloved Paris, but thee would be beautiful spots for a retreat….know you’re having a womderful time touring alll of this. Look forward to your next entry.

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