I just realized that when you tell people you decided to become a vegetarian they get mad.  Why is this?  Why is a hunk of meat on a fork being put in my face with the request, “Try this or taste this!”

A remark was made to me yesterday here in Paris that I was being ridiculous.  Why am I being ridiculous?  Because the decision was made in the U.S., I should change that because I am now in France?  Does that make any sense to you?  I am the same person with the same thoughts here or anywhere I go.

I am writing this because I think it is just hitting me today and thinking about all the recent remarks made to me about being vegetarian and obviously it is making me angry now. Just respect my decision, please.  Don’t force anything on me, and please keep your remarks to yourself.  If you know someone or meet someone who has made the same or similar decision, get over it.

Thank you for allowing  me to vent a little.

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