My Husband

I had a blog up until September on a different server.  Someone stole it.  It was so devastating to me and up until now I didn’t think I could ever possibly go through all that work again.  I miss my blog.  I don’t know what it is about blogging, but I miss it.  I wonder at times what are they doing with my blog?  It was like they stole my life in a way.  I’m over it, I’m moving on,  I’m ready to start a new one and I am excited about getting started.

So I find myself once again back in Paris for the winter and want to write about my life here.  I love it here.  I love everything about Paris, it’s so different, so marvelous.  I love my life back home in the states in New York too.  I love my life no matter where I am living, and I am grateful always for each and every day.

Late every afternoon I look forward to resting and stopping a little while to people watch and also to take time to enjoy a cup of coffee. Whether it be an espresso, a café au lait, or one of my favorites in certain places a café creme, where the milk is whipped thick and creamy.

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