On Sunday we went to mass at Notre Dame.  It was wonderful to get back after 10 months. The sweet and lingering smell of many, many years of burned incense was immediately familiar to me.  I sat in my favorite seat, the front, right side which is directly under the Miraculous Medal in the ceiling. Although it was supposed to be an international mass, it was all in French. However, the bulletin for the mass did have the Liturgy of the Word and the Gospel in English.

Afterward I always look forward to having dinner at Sorza.  It’s such a wonderful little restaurant located on Ile de la Cité.  On Sundays, we always go there after the mass. We always get a warm welcome back with a small conversation in French from our waitress.  She always greets us so nicely.  The food is always so very fresh and so very good.

We follow our meal sometimes with a good walk along the Seine.  It is so nice the way they close the highway to cars so that pedestrians can stroll along the water.

As you can see the Christmas tree is still up, how delightful, we saw it last year as well. Sundays in Paris, are always priceless to me.

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