Today was a little rainy so we decided to go to a wonderful little place for lunch just about a block away.

I couldn’t help myself but try to snap a picture of this beautifully dressed Parisian woman who was seated outside.  She is wearing beautiful shoes, a beautiful coat, has a chick coiffure, but wait, is that a huge, fat cigar she is enjoying!  It surely is, it surely is.

These are totally random pictures I will share with you here that I have taken over the last few days.  The woman in white is really dressed beautifully. She does look beautiful.  Each and every item she is wearing is quite expensive, right down to the gorgeous Burberry bag, but somehow all together, I don’t know.

Oh, that reminds me,  I took a picture the other day in a restaurant of a woman who came walking in with a gentleman.  I was astonished and I really think my mouth hit the floor, as she came walking towards me and was seated at the next table.

The woman was seated right behind my husband, so without further ado I tried to appear as if I was taking his photo.  I was able to get this photo which is unfortunately only of the back of the hat.

Yes, that’s the one.  The large green, feathered and furry, about 2 foot wide hat!  It must be me folks.  I hope you enjoyed these random scenes of Paris on a rainy day.

Forgive me.

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