Our neighborhood offers a local horse and buggy ride.  I tried to get my camera out before he passed, and only caught this one.

Yesterday we went to see the temporary exhibit offered at the Musee Maillol, Treasures of the Medicis.  The museum link can be found here:  http://www.museemaillol.com/

It was scheduled to run only through January 31st, but was extended until February 13th. It was great and we really enjoyed it.  There was an article about it in the New York Times, which is located here:  http://intransit.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/21/treasures-of-the-medicis-surface-in-paris/

This is a photo of my son taken the night before on our way back from dinner.  We were just having a little fun and I laughed when I thought about that old movie, Gulliver’s Travels.  He just seemed so big for this little car, like a giant in a little world.

Last night I went to buy a roasted chicken  at the local boucherie (butcher) shop.  I was all practiced up, ready to order “un poulet rôti.”  There were several rotisserie chickens offered all with different prices according to weight. I wanted the €12 chicken. I was ready and was next in line, and this was a really fast paced line, similar to waiting online at Starbucks in New York.    Well, the woman right in front of me ordered that chicken!  I’m next, so what do you do, you punt.  I quickly saw another and when the woman asked, I uttered, “un poulet rôti”, then she asked which one, “neuf euro,” I responded.  “Ah, oui Madam, un poulet rôti pour €9.”  I was so happy I did it.  Thank goodness knew the number nine in French.  I handed her a bill for €10 and she gave me a one euro coin in return.  She gave me a big smile, thanked me and said, “Merci Madam, au revoir.” I strutted out with my chicken with such a big smile on my face.  Have I told you that I love it here.

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  1. I can’t tell you how I laughted about your comment, you are too funny. I do appreciate the comment very much, shows me someone is out there reading.

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