My family has this little matter that they always kid me about.  Okay, it’s an inside joke actually.  They make fun of the fact that in a photo if someone’s eyes are closed, but if I myself look good in that photo, I will post it, make tons of copies of it, perhaps even use it as a Christmas card, or whatever!

So to be fair, I will swallow my vanity just for this post.  Here are two comparisons.

In the top photo, my husband didn’t come out quite right, actually he look hilarious, but I look great.  But, in the second photo, he looks great, and my eyes are closed.  So, as you can see I can publish pictures of myself with my own eyes shut.  However, I will not make this a habit, as this is a one shot, one time photo.  Now really, there you go.  See that, I can post pictures of myself which are not perfect, and someone else looks great!  I’m dying here.

I just made my family so happy.  Enjoy it darlings!  I still like the top one much better, but I did it for love.

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  1. Marianne2427@aol.com says:

    HA ha ha!! You both look adorable eyes open or shut!!!!

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