I’ve been thrown out of a cab before, that was in Rome.  The driver was about three blocks from my destination, when he got so frustrated by the crowds of people and traffic, that he started to shout in Italian.  I realized when he started banging the steering wheel what he was saying.  “Finito, finito, questo é tutto!” I got the drift that he wanted my brother-in-law, my husband & I out of the cab right then and right there.

It took us a moment as we could not believe we were being thrown out of the cab, we were laughing so hard.

So it happened again here in Paris.  We were about two blocks from our destination of San Chapelle on the Boulevard du Palais when we heard the driver say something.

Yes, it was time to definitely exit the taxi. He went on to try to explain in French which direction we would have to walk.  So my son, a friend and myself exited the taxi. So there we were, right in the middle of a protest.  We had to walk through the hundreds of protestors toward the direction which we needed to go.  I don’t know why or what it was over and have searched the news to find no information.  The police were in riot gear, wearing armor like gladiators, except black not shining silver, with shields and cans of mace.  It was something to see, it was a peaceful demonstration after all.

The last photo shows the photo I took when we had almost reached our destination and I looked at the demonstration.

Me, thrown out of a taxi twice now, can you believe it!

If you would like to see or hear a few moments of the protest, just click the pane below:

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