The first picture is of Al & Jodi, our friends that rented their own apartment in Paris too.   We asked someone to take a picture of the four of us outside Les Invalides.

It was such a nice day that we decided to walk to Les Invalides.  Along the way we saw quite a few energetic bocce games being enjoyed and played in the park.

Les Invalides is a large complex of buildings and monuments all dedicated to the military history of France.  The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is here.

King Louis XIV initiated the project in 1670 for his aged and unwell soldiers.  It was also to serve as a hospital.

This is the resting place of French military heroes and is also the final resting place of Napoleon II (1811-1832) son of Napoleon. France’s greatest military leaders and generals are interred in the vaults here as well.  The beautiful dome from inside shown here was inspired by the baroque dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

After seeing several of the museums, we started walking back towards home.  We decided to stop for coffee and a little dessert.  I have included some pictures here of my husband & I and Al & Jodi.

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  1. Marianne2427@aol.com says:

    Hi again….Phil & I never got there…I think he would have loved it. Oh well, next time!
    I think because of my back we didn’t want to walk all the way up to the tomb if I recall right. It’s been warm here, but getting colder again and slight snowfall for tomorrow. It looks like you are having a ball as usual! We were with our grandson tonight..he is just so special. He was playing a drum that he got for his 1st birthday with both sticks he would bang and then immediately drop the sticks and laugh and clap…he wanted us to clap along with him. These little things that they do are so grand, you will see, it’ s just the best thing ever! He also loves to play my piano…so cute! Love to all!!

  2. Noreen says:

    Cute pictures!

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