I was so proud of myself really. The weather had been absolutely gorgeous, on Friday it was 65 degrees, but Saturday was a little rainy. I decided to go to a movie. I have never been to the movies in Paris before so I thought I would give it a try.

I found the website which I have listed here:  http://www.allocine.fr/ It wasn’t easy to work my way through numberous pages looking for a theatre relatively close by that was featuring The King’s Speech,” or “Le Discours d’un roi.”  I had to check if it would be showing in VO, it’s Original Version (English).  Then, find the showing times, write down the directions to the theatre, and reserve two tickets online for my son & I.  This was not an easy task.  I reserved two tickets with my credit card, I think, then it asked in French if I wanted my receipt sent to me by email, I think. Yes, within seconds I had a receipt in French in my mailbox.  Since I have no printer here, I printed it to my iPhone.  Ingenious!

We found the theatre, it was  the La Pagode Cinéma, located at 57, rue de Babylone.  Immediately I saw that there were two lines.  The sign read, “Avec Billettes.”  So I thought this is where you wait when you have pre-paid and reserved your seats.  We waited for about 10 minutes when I noticed that everyone was already holding tickets.  I asked my son to wait in line, while I walked all the way past everyone, then inside and up to a counter.  I showed my iPhone with the confirmation number to the gentleman, and he called over a woman.  “Ah, oui,” she replied and somehow I knew she was asking for me to show my credit card, initial on a paper and she handed me two tickets.  Thank goodness, no more worries.

As we were handing our tickets to a woman, we noticed she was holding a basket.  There were cans of soda, some small bottles of Evian, and little chocolates.  We entered the most gorgeous theatre with it’s embellished walls, red velvet plush seating, chandeliers, and noticed that it was immaculate.  On the side there was a row of double seats, this is where we sat.  Here we are so happy that it all worked out, the French website, the credit card, the time, the version in English, and the confirmation number on my phone.  Thank goodness.  I started taking pictures right away which are here, and then took off our coats.  That’s when the woman behind my son poked him on his shoulder and she was laughing.  She was adorable the way she was asking him in French to remove his “Pom Pom” and in the nicest way.  I explained to him what she was saying and started laughing as he removed his ski cap with the large pom pom top.

The movie was terrific and we enjoying it so much.  Of course, it was in English but with French sub-titles on the bottom of the screen.  You could hear a pin drop. Seriously, I have never been to a quieter movie anywhere.  Not a cellphone, or six guys in the back row talking, nothing at all, just sit back and enjoy the movie.  When it had ended and the credits started to scroll, no one got up.  Everyone remained seated until it was completely finished, the applause started and the lights came up.  Amazing, it was just amazing.

When we were leaving we noticed just outside the exit doors that we had been in the most beautiful pagoda.  I was amazed at how beautiful the building was indeed.  These two photos show the outside.  There was bamboo planted all around the outside too, which gave it such a realistic setting.

The lines for the next showing of the two movies which were showing in the next photos.

I could not say enough about this experience.  I was up for some new challenge and this really fit the bill.

I could never tell you how much we enjoyed this experience together and I wanted to share it with you.  So if you ever come to or return to Paris, you must try to fit a trip in to this beautiful theatre.  We are so glad we did!

Shown in this photo are the featured movie signs outside the theatre.

We walked home talking all about the wonderful movie and the entire experience of it all.  We walked through the area of Les Invalides which was completely beautiful and I am so grateful I had this evening with my son.  My husband told us our timing was good because it had poured rain while we were gone.  Perfect, it was just perfect.

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  2. Marianne says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!! Just love this! I feel like I was there with you! It’s so wonderful to be alone with your son isn’t it? I love going out alone with Philip…it’s rare these days with the baby, but sometimes we go out to lunch together and I love that! The theater looks so gorgeous!! What a great experience! I’m glad it was in English tho for you!! Until next time!! I so enjoy your escapades!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo M

    • Oh Marianne, you are so right about going out with your son, it’s so nice. We really did have a great experience together being almost “clueless in French!” It was a really good movie if you have not seen it yet, try to fit it in. Will talk soon, and thanks so much for writing. I love hearing from you and enjoy hearing if you liked the post.

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