Remember the night my son and I went to the cinema to see “Les Discours du’roi?”   Well,  I came across this photo that he took the other night.  It was taken when we were walking home and we walked by Les Invalides.  It is so beautiful at night when it is all a glow.

My husband read the post about GOING TO THE MOVIES IN PARIS and asked if we could go to see the “Black Swan.”  He wanted to see the theatre and have the experience himself, and of course, see the movie.

I went through the whole process once again to purchase the tickets on line, yes in French, but I’m a pro now!  You must know that secretly I prayed that I did it right again.  We decided to have lunch first, then take the hike to the theatre, find a boulangerie for coffee and a sweet and then on to the cinema.  We had a fantastic boeuf bourguignon at Les Cocottes de Constant at 135, rue Saint-Dominique in the 7th.  We always go here, we love this brasserie and the food is so deliciously served in a Staub casserole where the last bite is as hot as the first.  To read about it, click on the link highlighted above.

We stopped along the way at a really authentic old boulangerie, Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur. It was so cute with the bike waiting, the little tables and chairs and the topiary potted plants outside.  We ordered coffee and shared a luscious dessert.  The bakery has been there since the building was erected.

I took a few pictures of inside and tried naturally to be discreet.  I have posted some here.  The next photo is of inside with the little stools, the tables and the baked goods.

How could you possibly miss this gorgeous ceiling!

This photo captures the mood of the bakery to me.  It is just a poignant little photo with the newspaper on the roller available for you to read, the floral tile, the beautiful mirror and you cannot see here, the large glass pot offering the chocolat chaud (hot chocolate).

Now onto the cinéma.  Yes, the woman asked me in French which movie, I knew “noir,” for black but, really who would know the word for swan!  Everything was correct, we were handed our tickets and my husband enjoyed it and the movie.  It was really, really good and I can certainly understand why Natalie Portman has been nominated for an Oscar.  The performance she delivered was of Oscar caliber in my opinion.

We walked home through the park, while I had my French playlist playing in my ear.  It was just wonderful really, when I noticed a beautiful Parisian private mansion tucked across from the fountain.

In the foreground, the gold is the very large fountain which is not turned on at this time.  You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Another perfectly marvelous lunch, a long walk, a little coffee and dessert, a great movie, just another day in Paris.

Yes, I’m live in Paris for the G20 weekend too.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Alex says:

    As always, your blogs are a delight to read with my morning capuccino/coffee/latte (my personal coffee bar…LOL)! I saw the photo of the mansion and am certain it was featured in a French suspense film I saw sometime last year. Now, I shall drive myself mad all day trying to find the film!
    I especially adored the boulangerie photos & history. By the way, the spread on your table for Noreen’s arrival was mouth-watering just to look at. Croissants are my love and the bane of my weight, but they are an indulgance for which I will make an exception!

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