This is almost perfect really.  If only my son-in-law Paul could have been here with us once again in Paris, that would have made everything perfect.

Here we are taking a stroll along the Seine in Paris together.  The weather has been so spring like, although we are dressed a little too warmly as you can see.  I had to buy a light weight wool car coat for these warmer days.  We knew we would be out late, so we were certainly prepared for the cooler temperatures late into evening.

I just had to share some follow up photos of the Bonne Saint Valentin’s post.  This is my red hat I bought last winter in Paris.  It was perfect for Valentine’s Day.

The next photo is of the beautiful flowers and candies from the market on rue Cler and vicinity.  A great big thank you to my son and husband for their never ending thoughtfulness and such a lovely dinner.

Last night after dinner we took a nice long walk through the Parc du Champs de Mars. It is the very large park at the icon of Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

In the next photo, my children wanted to take a picture of my husband and I at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  The light was so beautiful.  It is so pretty when it is illuminated at night.  Did you know that every hour it twinkles?

In the final photo, I just couldn’t resist sharing this with you all.  We were walking to lunch one day and I saw these two beautiful cats sitting in the window.  I walked up quite closely to them and they were just so cute and curious.  They look like twins and each one had their own window on the world.  Their little breath can be seen on the glass and I thought they were just so adorable.

I can’t stand how cute they are!  Isn’t it great how much they are enjoying looking out of the window.



To see a close up, just click on the picture.

Bonne journee!


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  1. Alex says:

    Darling Cousin,

    With 8 (or is it 9?) hours difference, I so look forward threading your blog & enjoying your lovely photos with my morning coffee….it is always delightful! The photo of the kittens in the window are priceless…such sweet little faces!
    I’m happy that Noreen made it there safely and I wish you all a fabulous time together. Love, a.

    • Alex,
      Thanks so much for your nice comments. Six hours ahead NY time, so 9 where you are, so I can get a jump start on your morning. You made me happy to hear that I am read over that ever important custom of having coffee in the morning. I, myself, write over my cup in the morning. Thanks again.

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