We took the metro to Abesses (aab bes) to go to La Basilique de Sacré Coeur in the Monmartre district on the Rue du Chevalier de La Barre.  We have all been there before, but it is a sacred destination full of history.  It is a Roman Catholic church located on the highest point of the city of Paris.

It has a triple arched portico which is surrounded by two equestrian bronze statues of France’s national saints, Joan of Arc and King Saint Louis IX, (St. Louis the Blessed).  It is built of a travertine which is frost resistant and bleaches with age to almost pure white.  It can be seen from so many place in Paris as it sits high on a hill.

We welcomed the Funiculaire as it offers the alternative to walking up all the steps as you can see in the photo below.  Many people sit on the steps in front and perform musically, rest or take photos. I do not have photos of inside the basilica as the posted signs say clearly not to take any pictures.

A few steps away on the square you come across the Place du Tertre. This is where you will find the many painters, cafés, creperies, ice cream shops, artists and tiny little narrow streets.

We bought some paintings by two different artists.

This beautiful little girl is having her portrait done by the artist.  If you look closely at the artist’s sketch, it is just absolutely beautiful.

It is such a great little village to walk around.

I have so many photos that I will post them all.

Below, the elevator was not working, so we had to climb up from the metro about 12 flights of steps, here we are finally emerging!

These little shops and café are just so gorgeous, I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

This was the cutest little pastry shop, so why not stop and get some!

The photo below shows the square, Place du Tertre.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures I posted of Monmartre.  It really is a wonderful and vibrant.

The portrait, landscape and abstract artists are so talented.  There are artists that will do sketches as well.

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  1. says:

    I loved Sacre Coeur…it was one of my favorite places in France. I especially loved when I entered the beautiful church and heard the singing of what sounded like angels! It was, of course, the nuns! Oh how loved that sound…it felt like you entered heaven!!
    The town was wonderful…it was so pretty. I too took so many pictures in Monmartre! I saw these little children on a walking tour with their teacher and heard them speaking french…it was so wonderful!! I loved all the little shops. So beautiful. It is so great that you are there, just the four of you…how often does that happen anymore! It’s just like old times when they were small and you took a vacation with them…I loved those days!!! Have fun and cherish these days you all have together as one as family!

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