The Place des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris.  It is located in the Marais district.  It was built by Henry IV from 1605-1612, and was once a royal residence.

The photo below is of the equestrian bronze of Louis XIII which was erected in the center of the square.


There are fountains, sandboxes for children to play, benches, a small playground and the usual stay off the grass signs.  It is beautiful the way you are surrounded in the square of the buildings.

Under the archways there are many galleries, cafés, little shops and importantly at No. 6 Place des Vosges is the once home of the famous Victor Hugo.  It is free to view the 2nd floor apartment.  He resided here from 1832-1848.

It is quite a large apartment and there are many rooms to view, of which there are photos here below.

We took the metro to the station at Bastille.  We browsed through some shops and stopped in a quaint café to have lunch.  It was a beautiful day to walk around the Marais.

We were allowed to take pictures inside the apartment, but of course, without any flash.

You can see here the sign outside for No. 6.

We saw the sign for the Picasso Museum and thought why not, it is just a few blocks away.  We were looking for the address of 5, rue de Thorigny.  We wondered if they would be open, but it would be great to visit.


We found the street and the address without any trouble, but were met with the sign below posted on the door.

Dear Visitors, we must inform you and so on, such a shame really.  We will have to add this to our list for next time.  On the way back home, we decided to take the metro to Madeline.  We really wanted  to visit Laduree for the absolutely delicious té Marie Antoinette and just a little tarte tatin.

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    I’m dreaming of cappuccino and macaroons in Laduree!!!

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