There is no way your day in Paris could be bad.  It would be the same as trying to find a bad meal in this city, which would be almost impossible.

After a good walk most of the time, there is the excitement of finding out where you will have your lunch for that day.  The choices are endless and the plat du jour is a different offering naturally everywhere.

Stopping and browsing the menus in the windows or reading the black board outside a restaurant is serious fun.  Where shall we have lunch, in here perhaps?  Well, let’s walk a little further to see the next, and so on.  You really only have up until 3:00 to decide.  A lot of places close then and do not reopen until dinner.

But, it’s the dessert that is the beautiful ending of the meal.  The topping on the cake if you will.

The top photo is of one of my favorites here in Paris.  There can be no favorite as they all are too amazing, so it just depends what you might be in the mood for really.  Above is the Tarte Tatin at Ladurée served with fresh cream for dolloping all over the top.  I wonder to myself if it would smooth the skin or what other wonders it might do for the face if it were applied and smoothed all over it.

The second photo is of the triple chocolate delight offered at Kong at 1, rue du Pont Neuf. Kong is the beautiful glass rooftop restaurant where scenes were filmed for Sex In The City.  It is chic and quite colorful.

The third photo brings us to the Brasserie Bofinger on the rue de la Bastille.  The crème brûlée here is set a flame to form the perfect sugar crust.  It is one of the oldest brasseries in Paris.  This landmark opened in 1864.  This is where I love to order the sole mueniére and sit under the gorgeous, illuminated glass dome ceiling.

Ah, macaroons from Pierre Hermés, this is the real thing!  I personally am a chocolate person, but as far as macaroons go, there is nothing like them on the planet!  They are soft, they are filled with succulent cream, they are utterly heavenly and are made in divine flavors.  My daughter wanted to buy some. This two dozen container was €36, which converted to USD is $48.00, not that they are not worth it, but still it’s a little expensive.   This is a real French macaroon.

Every store window is quite honestly a show stopper.  They feature elaborate and beautifully decorated small works of art, yet delicious, not just pretty to look upon.

Now we get to the amazing Angelina.  It is near the Louvre on rue de Rivoli and you can take the metro to the Tuileries stop.  Don’t miss it if you get the chance.  Order the chocolate chaud, the hot chocolate.  They even offer chocolat blanc chaud , the white hot chocolate. Just imagine, hot and thick melted african chocolate being poured into your cup.  Naturally, they provide a sumptuous side of heavenly whipped cream.

I think I have mentioned the word cream several times, or was it, that I said I ate cream a lot here, I don’t remember.  I only know that my doctor asked me to up my calcium intake, so if you convert cream to calcium, then you can see I am gladly following my doctor’s orders!

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