Remember how indulgent I was to pay that much for French macaroons, well today was completely personal and indulgent day.

I made an appointment to have another manicure today.  I like the woman at the Culture of Color on the rue de Grenelle.  They offer O-P-I nail color and although Maria is from Portugal, she speaks a little English.

I picked my favorite color “Kiss On The Cheek” and had a pedicure also.  The €61 price tag for both is equivalent to about $83, plus tip of course.

I had made an appointment for a hair cut at L Paris as well for this morning.  My appointment was with Alain.  I loved the welcome I received when I arrived there.  He extended a happy “Bonjour, moi Alain!”  “Je suis Elaine, I responded.”  He offered to take my coat and scarf,hung them on a coat rack and then helped me into a bright red light robe.  I was led to the sink area where I was given two shampoos and then a light conditioner.  He was so gentle, I thought to myself, he’s kidding right.  But, as my shampoo progressed, he did start to apply some additional pressure.  My hair was covered in towel and I was ushered nicely, so nicely to a seat in front of the mirror.

It was there that my hair was revealed when the towel was removed.  He smiled into the mirror while looking at me and said, “Beau coup de bouclés.”  He reached for one and it was then I knew what he was saying.  He was telling me I had a ton of loops, meaning my naturally curly hair.

He took off about 5 inches and in the second photo above you can see how long it was and I needed the hair cut really.  Above I had just pulled off my hat and was being seated to have lunch, so it is a little askew.  My son happened to take this photo because he wanted to try the app, Hipstamatic that I have.

He was so very nice and when he finished, he showed me the back of my head in the hand-held mirror and said, “Superb Madam.”  Obviously, this man knew that I was superb!  Seriously, You know how I feel about new experiences, well this was a really nice one.

I emerged with a much lighter feeling head and rushed off to La Poste.  I had some post cards and letters I needed to send off.  I then headed back to the apartment.

When I returned my husband and son wanted to take the bus to one of the oldest sections of Paris to have lunch.  They had no idea that when I saw Le Mariage Fréres on the corner ahead, I would go running.

I have been dying to buy some of the tea they sell.  It is an institution here and founded in 1854.  So I went running!

This Maison de Thé á Paris has a tea salon upstairs.  I bought 4 different teas, 100 grams each which I can’t wait to have.  I took the photos above including the one I snapped while the young man was weighing it.  You then turn and go over to a small, low window where you take your receipt and pay for your purchase.  Quite a charming, old and wonderful shop to visit.

We went on to lunch to a place that was recommended to us.  It was the La Rôtisserie d’En Face at 2, rue Christine.  It was a wonderful restaurant.  I am a big fish eater and I ordered the salmon with spinach, pictured above.  It was absolutely delicious.

When we started walking away my son pointed out some writing on the wall in gold of this corner restaurant.

The young Louis was made King one hour after his father Henry IV died, or something like it.

Well, I had a wonderful day.  It is not often that I get a haircut, manicure and pedicure in the same day.  Okay, I had a delicious lunch in Paris with my husband and son, followed by buying some tea and a lovely walk around the 6th, the Odeon area of St. Germain des Prés.  Yes, I did, I went home and had a delicious macaroon and a hot cup of tea too!  I know it’s indulgent, forgive me.

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  1. Alex says:

    I adore you…..and your good fortune to be so pampered! You deserve it all as it is so well-earned and you are an amzing woman!

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