As you can see we made it to Rome.  Here we are flying over the Swiss Alps.

We met our friends at the airport who flew in from New York.

I can’t go into much detail as I am pressed for time and was happy to have the internet here so I wanted to post some pictures.

Yesterday in Rome the children were celebrating Carnavale.  So I managed to snap this picture of these two little girls on their way to the Piazza del Popolo where they were going to have their own carnavale party.

The celebration will be Tuesday night, the night before Ash Wednesday.

They look so cute with their masks on.

We came upon a market which is common on Sundays in Rome.  I happened to notice a woman with a purse that was so unusual.  I asked her about it and she said she makes them herself.  It was a Noah’s Ark purse.

I have always wanted to take a trip on the Appia Antica.  The Appian Way built by the Romans, you remember the expression all roads lead to Rome!  Well, we started the drive up and it was absolutely amazing.  It is the beginning of ancient Rome.

This is where we started the drive and I have included a photo of the sign.

We stopped along the way as we were thirsty and found an old Roman fountain.  Since the water always drips out the bottom, the dogs stop and drink from it too.  You must put your finger on the spout and then the water starts streaming out of the top, which is where people drink from.  Ingenious right, leave it to the Romans.

That water was delicious and so cold. 

We had a very late dinner with friends last night in Rome.  There were nine of us.

We are blessed with the friendship of others.  We were invited to a friend’s apartment in Rome last night before dinner and it was wonderful.  We have many blessings that we are grateful for every day.

Today we are going to the Vatican and hopefully I will be able to see my friend there.  The Sister has been so kind to us over the years and we are sincerely hoping we will get to see her once again.

Below is a picture of the beautiful umbrella Pino trees of Rome.  You know you’re in Rome when you see these trees.

The weather was 68 yesterday and today looks to be even better. Until next time, be well.

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2 Responses to WE MADE IT TO ROME

  1. Marianne2427@aol.com says:

    Welcome to Rome! Have a good time!!

  2. Alex says:

    As always, my breakfast treat. The Appian Way…how exciting & amazing! As to the fountain, now I know where Portland got their idea. We have an old,old fountain that was built for horses & dogs to drink from in Old Town district, but people can catch the water coming out as well. We have gorgeous old fountains all over town, bronze with steel drinking parts. They’re called the “Benson Bubblers” named for one of the founding fathers, who thought there should always be drinking water available as one traveled about. Just a little aside about our city.
    So, where will you be receiving ashes? Will you be going to the Vatican for this special day? Are you going to look for the lady with the purses? So many questions. Look forward to hearing more….love,a.

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