Today I would like to take care of some odds and ends.  That is partly because I got a message from my computer telling me that the disk which holds my iPhoto library is full.  Imagine that, I only have about 8,000 pictures in it!  As much as I would love to post a story about the amazing day we had yesterday, I cannot post any new photos until I get an external hard drive to handle them.  So I would like to share some of what I already have in my computer with you that have not been posted.

The day we went to the Musée Rodin and we were standing somewhere near the bronze sculpture of Le Penseur (The Thinker), my son took this beautiful photo of my husband, my daughter and myself.

My husband and my son are blessed in that they can work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an internet connection.  So many people are able to work from home today.

Over the past two weeks the stores have started to change their windows from the winter looks over to the new spring lines.

I would like to share some interesting windows caught undone.  To the left here these men were caught completely off their game.

Below left, you can see how bare these femmes and hommes were left standing in the windows for all the world to see.  But, here below right, this is a fine and wonderful example of alternative dressing!



In case you caught yourself wondering, you don’t have to, because yes, Domino’s delivers!

Below left.  When we first arrived the Christmas lights were strung across rue Saint Dominique.  They were so pretty in blue.  If you look up the street right there in the middle you can see the Eiffel Tower.

When our friends were visiting, we went to the Latin Quartier and had this picture taken of Jodi & I.  You can see how narrow the tiny streets are.

Update,  I bought the external hard drive that I needed to help my computer handle all the photos I have taken so far.

Tomorrow I can update you on what we did yesterday with photos.

I can tell you that last night, our friend here in Paris invited us to dinner at his apartment in Montparnasse.  He was so thoughtful to pick us up at our apartment, do all the food shopping, prepared an amazing dinner and drove us back.

He wanted to share with us a traditional dish called “Le Raclette.”  He said it is something that friends and family share in a casual atmosphere.  It was so nice, he started by offering us some champagne, or some wine. He wanted to have everything so nice for us.

We enjoyed once again being entertained in his apartment and he is so generous and always so thoughtful. We brought some wine and a beautiful box of chocolates.     He shared some of his music with us and some video of his lovely wife who is currently in concert in Guatemala.  She is the number one recording artist there and has sold out three concerts in just the past few weeks.  She is such a talented singer and teacher of voice technique.  We love his wife, she is so nice and we are sorry that we have missed her this trip.  However, we did have the pleasure of her company, as well as her husband this past November when they paid us a visit when they vacationed in New York.

I can only tell you how much thought went into the meal and how delicious it was.  We sat around his table sharing his meal and enjoying his company right down to the créme brûlée and coffee.  He refused to let us help him clean up anything.  Then graciously he drove us back to the apartment.  My family & I care for him so much and appreciated all he did for us.



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